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Conclusion Pet health insurance is just like coverage for car, house or human medical coverage. There is a lot of material and research to cover to make sure you have the right product and policy for your specific needs. What works for your friend’s dog many times will not work well for your cat and vice versa. Policies are unique and customizable issues; you need to find the fit that works best for you as a pet owner. Remember that when you do decide on a pet health insurance provider, you want to make sure you get a specific quote and sufficient detail to understand all the terms involved. Areas that you want to make sure you cover with any prospective provider include: · Enrollment waiting period. · Benefit limits in terms of dollar amount. · Deductible amounts offered and their impact on premium cost. · Discounts included. · Pre-existing conditions that are barred or charged more. · Sterilization services. · Monthly costs and annual costs. · Exclusions. Look around and get feedback from folks who have pet health coverage already. The experience of others can save you from making simple mistakes. And remember, ultimately you are looking the insurance concept to take care of your pet. That’s what matters the most.
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