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Welcome to Pet Health Insurance The concept of pet health care insurance is not a new introduction. However, it’s only been in the last five years that this type of coverage has actually gone mainstream and become a significant need for many in the U.S. Further, with demand the options for pet health insurance have exploded. What used to be very limited offerings of coverage that were essentially useless have now become very viable policies of insurance similar to those for humans. Background Similar to the pet care and accessory industry, the pet health insurance industry has grown exponentially in the last few years. Much of this has had to do with folks having significant disposable income and a new to care for something. Instead of children, however, numerous adults have opted for pets as their “children.” First the boom was in pet toys, accessories, beds and similar. However, as pets have grown older and have developed typical animal conditions, the issue of pet care has now come to the forefront for many owners. And the initial surprise of medical costs has been a wake-up call for many. But pet insurance has proven to be as complicated as human health insurance, with an assortment of terms and conditions. Much of the drive for pet health insurance is the ongoing high cost of medical care. Regardless of whether it’s for a human or a dog, medical services and medicines are just plain expensive. And the costs continue to rise over time rather than decrease. For years veterinary costs for pet owners were an out-of- pocket expense. Lucky owners had pets that stayed fairly healthy most of their short lives. However, eventually all living things get old and break down. Pet owners would pay for the costs they could, but eventually the reality would become too much. And the pet would too often be euthanized. The introduction of the pet health insurance policy changed the nature of how owners cared for their pets. Granted there was an ongoing cost, but when sickness or serious condition did occur, now there was an affordable option to deal with it.
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